IDEA Partnerships focuses on public/private real estate matters.

IDEA Partnerships offers a professional real estate resource to universities and other public entities using a “service-based” approach that is well suited to institutional culture and decision-making. IDEA Partnerships was an early advocate of “knowledge communities” – mixed-use urbanist places firmly connected to the mission of the host institution.

IDEA Partnerships specializes in real estate development in partnership with institutions and not-for-profits and provides advisory services to a wide range of clients, most often connected with university engagement strategies for knowledge-based economic development.

Wr organize projects using a Strategic Business Plan that identifies and optimizes all relevant aspects, and then carries out a full range of real estate development activities.

IDEA Partnerships’ role may range from at-risk developer to fee-based development manager, to providing advisory and implementation support services.


IDEA Partnerships organizes and carries out all aspects of real estate development projects on behalf of or in conjunction with institutional and corporate partners. Business terms reflect the unique aspects of each project, ranging from fee-for-service to fully at-risk.

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, IDEA Partnerships and is a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Corporation. William C. Morlok has been Managing Member of IDEA Partnerships since he co-founded it in 2002.

Mr. Morlok has also been President of Morlok Development Group since its inception in 1987.